Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finally back!

We were having trouble with both the computer and internet. We got a new router and the internet works again. But.... the internet is EXTREMELY SLOW!!! And not all pages will load. The only browser I can get to work half way decently is Google Chrome. Firefox and Internet Explorer just wont work :(. I just don't know what to do!


Betty said...

Thanks so much for becoming a follower on CUT AND DRY!
Have a great time!

Momma Such said...

Don't you hate that? My laptop took a crap not long ago and they wanted me to pay what it would cost to buy a new one just to have it fixed! I just bought a new one. However, a week after having it the hard drive went out. Luckily they covered that. I hope you get things worked out with your computer and internet.

Isi and Jas' mom said...

Yes! my husband wanted to go take it in to get it fixed, but I said it would cost just as mush as it would to get a new one.